Warm Weather Offensive Odors

This time of year the warm weather enhances the foul odors coming from compactor rooms and trash areas thus the odors feel more prevalent and we become particularly sensitive to them.

Foul odors can come from fatty acids found in grease and oils located in compactor rooms and other areas.

When garbage builds up, trash becomes scattered, these areas of the building tend to have foul odors that seem to linger. This is because trapped organic soils at the root of the problem haven’t been addressed. One way to clean these areas, neutralize the odors, and have residual efforts is to use an enzyme that can break down this matter.

BIO-ZYME is a natural enzyme designed to break down these fatty acids that cause these foul odors. Once applied it will immediately clean the heaviest soils breaking down trapped organic soils. It will continue to deodorize and neutralize for up to 5 days if not washed away.

BIO-ZYME is ideal for compactor chutes, in the stairwell, cat & dog problem areas, elevator pits, waste/ejector pits, and for spot treatments anywhere in a building that has an odor issue.

Best if used in a foam gun or a 2-gallon pump sprayer. Cold water only.

Item # BZ5